The Best Rave Clothing Brands

The Best Rave Clothing Brands

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If you’re looking for a way to dress like the most flamboyant raver in the neighborhood, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re planning to wear glittery body jewelry or a flamboyant face jewel, this rave clothing will catch your attention.

The most popular rave clothing brands have a large selection of clothes to choose from, and some of them are even available online! The best brands to look for include Jada Lebour, Cyberdog, Glitter Kitten, and iHeartRaves.


One of the most popular brands of EDM festival attire is iHeartRaves. This fast-fashion company is known for its innovative designs of rave clothing. They emphasize self-expression and creative expression through colorful and unique items. They also offer a variety of accessories to accompany their rave apparel. Here’s a look at how one can wear the iHeartRaves line at the next EDM festival.

Whether you’re a fan of EDM music or not, there’s a rave clothing brand out there for you. From booty shorts to high-waisted shorts, there’s rave fashion to suit your unique taste. Rhinestones, holographic fabric, and high-waisted rave shorts add to the excitement. Wear your favorite rave gear and you’ll be sure to look great at every event!

You can find rave apparel and accessories for plus-size women at iHeartRaves. You can also find clothing and accessories for plus-size women and men. The best part is that these clothing and accessories are made to fit any size woman. If you’re looking for a unique style that is unique and stands out from the crowd, iHeartRaves is the place to shop. Its iHeartRaves rave clothing brands make buying the best clothes easier than ever.


The infamous rave clothing brand Cyberdog is a London-based retailer of trance music and streetwear. With its flagship store in Camden Market, the brand has become a party destination. The brand’s fusion of rave, festival, and streetwear outfits is sure to get you smashed at the next rave! It has been cited as recession proof and a niche shop that could survive even the toughest economic climate.

Known for their bright and vibrant fashion, Cyberdog is not just a clothing brand, it’s also a nightclub. It all began with a stall in Camden Market in 1994, but soon spread its wings. In fact, the brand eventually took over a rehearsal space from the band The Clash. Today, the brand has branches all over the UK and even in Ibiza! It’s the epitome of the rave clothing revolution, and you can wear it proudly.

The company has partnered with a creative agency, STRAND, to showcase the latest collection, called Spring/Summer 2021. The launch of the collection was accompanied by a virtual reality fashion show. Despite the Coronavirus crisis, the brand still plans to present its Spring/Summer 2021 Rave Team line via virtual reality (VR).

Glitter Kitten

The Australian rave brand Glitter Kitten blends hip-hop and electronic dance vibes to create the perfect festival outfit. With beautiful lingerie and bodysuits in bold, vibrant colors, Glitter Kitten creates custom rave clothing and accessories for rave goers. They also create wigs and accessories to match your look. Glitter Kitten offers festival outfits that are sure to turn heads.

The brand’s name is a nod to the festival spirit that inspired it, and it delivers on its promises. The brand’s clothing and accessories cater to spirited young women who like to frolic on the wild side. The collection includes rave-specific bodysuits and fashion for women and girls. These items are made with the utmost care and are available in women’s and men’s sizes.

Jada Lebour

If you’re looking for unique festival fashion, check out London-based An Original Leroy and Treasure The Funk. Both of these brands specialize in handmade, custom festival wear, and they offer bold fabrics and additional accessories to complete your look. Jada Lebour rave clothing is also handmade, and this New York-based brand features mixed fabric styles, chain accessories, and plus-size friendly clothing. Jada Lebour rave clothing brands provide clothing and accessories for women of all sizes.

An Original Leroy

If you’re looking for handmade, unique festival wear, An Original Leroy is a great place to start. Treasure The Funk is another great place to look for festival attire. This brand specializes in custom festival wear with bright, bold fabrics and added accessories. Jada Lebour, the company’s founder, offers handmade rave clothing with chain and mixed fabric accents. Plus-size women can also find plus-sized clothing at this New York-based brand.

House of Aris is another rave clothing brand that specializes in gothic and alternative styles. Their website offers a large selection of custom-designed pieces as well as sets made for every body type. Neon Cowboys is another rave clothing brand that features a wide variety of accessories. These include neon wigs, press-on nails, and iridescent accessories. If you’re looking for rave fashion that’s fun, Spookie Kids is a good place to start.

Treasure The Funk

One of the fastest growing brands in the rave fashion world, Treasure The Funk embodies youth, rebelliousness, and adversity. All of the clothing from this fast fashion brand channel extreme energy, creating each piece to be uniquely and unconventionally shaped. Their extensive line includes a wide variety of clothing options, ranging from bra tops to skirts and dresses. Treasure The Funk also offers plus-sized fashion options.

Another popular rave clothing brand is House of Aris, owned by the artist Aris Van Calster. This brand offers unique custom pieces and sets for women and men of every shape and size. If you prefer to shop in person, you can visit their website or browse through their collection. Alternatively, you can shop from WeKoKo, an online marketplace of rave fashion brands. Neon Cowboys offers unique festival accessories and neon-colored press-on nails.

Neon Cowboys

If you’re looking for a stylish hat to take to a rave, look no further than Neon Cowboys. Founded in 2013, this fashion label is a pioneer of the cowboy culture. In fact, their hats are inspired by ’90s plastic toys. These hats are designed to exude the energy of a late night out. As you can imagine, they have been embraced by many people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Starting out as a company offering neon bralettes, the brand has since expanded to include cowboy boots and trench coats. Its products have become more than just a novelty item, though. With a wide variety of colors and styles available, the Neon Cowboys line has something for everyone. Fans are able to dress up in neon colors and look hip and cool at the same time.

Other notable rave fashion brands include: A Original Leroy and House of Aris. These companies specialize in custom pieces and sets for a variety of body types and shapes. You can also order custom pieces and add extra accessories to your outfit. The brand also sells rave-themed clothing and accessories through a marketplace called WeKoKo. Neon Cowboys also offers a wide range of festival accessories, including glow-in-the-dark bracelets and press-on nails.

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