GWN x Liquid Stranger Collab

GWN x Liquid Stranger Collab

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There’s no doubting the greatness of this GWN x Liquid Stranger collab. The artist has become renowned for his metamorphic abilities and meticulously crafted sonic adventures. He has also mastered the art of slipping between genres while maintaining his own style. This collab is a fitting example of this. However, the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Here’s a quick rundown of the best tracks on this collaborative EP.

GWN x Liquid Stranger collab

The latest Ganja White Night x Liquid Stranger collaboration is dark, spooky and absolutely stunning. The collaboration is a perfect example of how two artists can successfully combine different influences to create something truly unique. This new project is a must-listen for anyone who likes to be swept away by sound. Featuring an epic, full-bodied bass line, the track is sure to keep you on your toes.

Bass Therapy with TYNAN

If you’re looking for a heavy bass night that will leave you feeling energized, you’ve come to the right place. Bass Therapy will feature TYNAN and Pierce, two heavy bass producers with massive catalogues of releases. TYNAN has collaborated with Jiqui and Liquid Stranger on a number of tracks. Pierce has also released music on Wakaan, including “Pulse.”

As a label head for Psymbolic, Liquid Stranger has quickly become one of the most influential artists in the free form bass genre. His productions range from deep and soulful downtempo to cutting edge dubstep. His productions are evocative and emotionally powerful, and he knows how to make his listeners feel something. Liquid Stranger’s music can help you move through a rough day, while also uplifting the spirit.

Mission Control by PIERCE

This Co-Op mix of Mission Control by PIERCE and LiquiD Strange is a perfect blend of cinematic elements and electronica. It offers a pulsating bassline and mystifying bass levels that transport listeners to an alien planet. There are many highlights to this mix, including a funky tune called “Shake,” which has a hypnotic rhythm and a giant mascot.

Love, Alexa x Liquid Stranger

Love,Alexa x Liquid Stranger is an album that bridges the gap between heavy and mellow styles. This album is a standout among a slew of artists trying to please the commercial masses. The album will close out the sold-out Balance tour in Los Angeles and will feature multiple festival dates. Its soaring harmonies, cinematic production, and strong storytelling skills will keep audiences glued to their seats.

Aside from the acoustics, the album’s biggest highlight is the four-four beats of “Keep It Up.” The album’s last track is an acoustic guitar ballad called “Flashback.”

LSDREAM x Liquid Stranger

If you haven’t heard of LSDREAM and Liquid Stranger yet, you’re in for a treat. This collab between the two acclaimed producers features original and unreleased tracks, and both artists pay tribute to fellow Wakaan producers, like Shlump. The album also features “STARCHILD,” a collaboration between LSDREAM and Shlump featuring Sarah Hudson.

As labelmates and longtime friends, both artists have been on tour and touring, recently completing a nationwide BALANCE tour. This collaboration will be released on the same day Liquid Stranger and LSDREAM finish their PEACE LOVE & WUBZ tours. Both artists are also planning to perform at upcoming festivals, including Summer Camp, EDC Las Vegas, and Sunset Music Festival.

In addition to the new collab with Liquid Stranger, LSDREAM and WAKAAN have released a number of singles from their upcoming Balance album. Featuring wonky beats, experimental bass, and hip hop elements, Liquid Stranger’s latest project takes on all of the genres of his discography and blends them to create a dazzling new sound.

Keep it Up by Liquid Stranger

The latest single by WAKAAN label head Liquid Stranger is a banger. The album’s tribal influences and distinctive heavy drops are perfect for the summer. If you’re a fan of dance music, you should check out this song. If you want to hear more from this rising artist, read on to learn about the track’s inspiration and features. Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy their other songs.

The band’s latest album, Balance, is an eclectic mix of experimental bass, wonky beats, and hip hop elements. The album’s singles are well worth checking out – “Shake,” “Busy,” and “Keep It Up” with Alexa Lusader, among others – and you’ll soon see why this album is already selling out. If you’re not already familiar with Liquid Stranger, make sure to listen to the tracks from Balance!

The track starts with an infectious groove and a melodic theme, which perfectly captures the essence of the Liquid Stranger sound. The bassline is accompanied by beautifully placed melodic elements, while samples add a more complex sound design to the track. The vocal samples in “Higher” provide a nostalgic feel. Liquid Stranger’s unique sound is enthralling, and this track shows why the artist is such an important part of the dubstep genre.

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