6 Vital Electric Forest Tips & Tricks

6 Vital Electric Forest Tips & Tricks

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The Electric Forest festival is an elusive destination for many EDM enthusiasts. There are multiple ticket tiers based on how much one likes the festival and their history of attending. However, the best time to purchase your Electric Forest tickets is when you know exactly what you’re looking for and how much you can spend.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s Electric Forest festival, you’ll need to plan ahead in order to secure the best seats.

Good Life Village

Electric Forest is a family-friendly music festival located on Big Wildcat Lake in the heart of the festival’s grounds. All of the family-friendly activities take place in this unique area. If you’re not sure which ticket tier is right for you, check out these options and consider upgrading your experience for even more fun. VIP passes offer a variety of perks, including free happy hour and the opportunity to dine at a restaurant. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to stay in a luxury tent with air-conditioning and electricity.

Good Life Electric Avenue Tents include everything you get with the VIP tickets, including lodging. These spacious safari tents come with twin cots, wool blankets, and hanging light. You can also bring a companion vehicle with you, or simply rent a tent for the weekend. All tents are equipped with tables, chairs, and outlets for charging small devices. Ticket tiers for Electric Forest include camping amenities and are located near the campground area.

Those who want the ultimate festival experience can purchase a Good Life VIP experience. Good Life VIP packages include a complimentary Wednesday arrival, access to the VIP shortcut to the main stage, and exclusive VIP viewing areas. You can also spend a night at the Good Life Village, complete with private vendors and dining options. The festival grounds are home to an 18-hole championship golf course and a 60,000-square-foot indoor water park. There are also swimming pools and a celebrity-run pop-up restaurant.

Camp Hush

While all of the Electric Forest’s camping areas are similar, there are some differences between the various ticket tiers. While Camp Good Times offers bigger campsites, air-conditioned restrooms, and other amenities, you’ll find a quieter vibe at Camp Hush. If you’re staying in an RV, you can opt for the Good Life Bungalow Tent, which includes lodging, twin cots, wool blankets, and a hanging light. You’ll also find a convenient carpool area, which means that your family or group can stay together in one tent and still have plenty of room to run errands.

There are several different tiers of camping at Electric Forest, including a VIP experience that includes a pre-set tent and access to premium viewing areas. You’ll also have access to the Good Life Village, where you’ll find exclusive vendors, restaurants, and showers. And if you want to be even closer to the music, the Good Life VIP experience includes exclusive access to the Good Life Live Stage with music until 4am each day. The Good Life VIP experience also includes access to a VIP lounge, 24 hour concierge services, happy hours, shuttle services, and more!

After the initial one-weekend festival, Electric Forest went to a two-weekend format in 2017 and 2018, but returned to the original one-weekend format in 2019. This expanded event has been known to end well past midnight on Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you get tickets early. Camping is not cheap at Electric Forest, but it’s worth it to experience the atmosphere and music during the festival. This is one of the most popular music festivals in the country, so getting an early-entry pass will save you a lot of money!

Calamity Jane Hotel

There are several different ticket tiers available for the Electric Forest. You can choose to stay in a tent or a cabin. A tent with air conditioning will be the best option for you. It is furnished with a bamboo bench, bistro table, decorative plants, brass mirror, and a personal cooler. If you decide to stay in a cabin, you will also have access to the Fairy Well and Artist Lounge. You’ll also be treated to daily breakfast and brunch.

A Good Life experience at Electric Forest is an incredible way to spend your weekend. Good Life VIP tickets come with perks like a free Wednesday arrival, priority viewing areas, and permanent restrooms and showers. You will also enjoy the Good Life Village, which features private vendors, food and ice, ATMs, and exclusive secret sets. Plus, you’ll have access to the Good Life Live Stage for live music until 4 am. You’ll also receive 24/7 concierge service, happy hours, shuttle service, and more.

Good Life Villas

During Good Life, a villa is an enchanting place to stay. The villa features a queen memory foam bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, and other amenities. Guests can access the Artist Lounge, and take advantage of Wednesday Early Arrival. Good Life Villas can also be reserved for RVs. Ticket tiers include both powered and non-powered RVs. You can choose a ticket level based on your desired amenities and experience.

In addition to the standard Good Life Villas in Electric Forest, the festival’s campgrounds also have additional amenities, such as private showers and 24-hour shuttle service. In addition, guests can stay in the Good Life Village, which offers pre-set tents with twin or queen beds. The Good Life Village Villas are smaller, yet still offer a full kitchen, air conditioning, and a bathroom. The villas include two twin beds or a queen bed.

VIP camping at Electric Forest is also available. Good Life Village Camping is a luxury option, and guests can save money by choosing a higher-priced site. Good Life VIP Village Camping offers a premium VIP camping experience, and it’s similar to GA camping. Those who prefer to camp in an RV may opt to choose Good Life VIP Village Camping. In addition to the VIP Village, the Good Life Village offers walk-in camping, so guests can park and unload easily.

Good Life Electric Avenue Tents

The Electric Avenue Tents at Good Life Festival are complete with all of the amenities and features of GoodLife VIP accommodations, making it the perfect place to spend your night away from home. GoodLife Electric Avenue Tents feature twin or queen beds, electrical outlets, a small table, and bedding. GoodLife Electric Avenue Tents are located on the adjacent campground to the GoodLife Village. Guests can relax in the comfort of their tent while enjoying the great outdoors.

These luxury tents are equipped with amenities, including a bedding set, comforters, and towels. They also feature electrical energy, a wooden crate, and bedding. The VIP package includes complimentary shuttle service to and from Good Life Village. There is also an air conditioned bathroom. Guests can also take advantage of GoodLife’s VIP lounge. Guests are treated like royalty when they choose this package. A VIP package includes access to special events, exclusive happy hours, and more.

The Electric Avenue packages also include 2-4 Good Life wristbands with all the amenities. A few additional features include lodging and parking for the evening. There are RV parking options on Wednesday and Friday. Good Life Pass holders can pay 50% of the total at the time of purchase, and the remainder on June 1.

General Admission camping

While attending the Electric Forest music festival, you’ll find that there are several different ticket tiers. There are General Admission camping tickets, Good Life VIP camping and tent rentals. You can also rent an RV or Frontier suite if you’re not camping on-site. You can also sell or buy wristbands for the festival on The Official Wristband Exchange. Throughout the festival, you’ll want to download the official Electric Forest app to navigate the campsite. Download the app and it includes a map and set times.

General Admission Camping ticket tiers offer different amenities, ranging from a pre-set tent to air mattresses and sleeping pads. Effortless Camping is the perfect option for attendees who don’t have their own vehicles. It’s ideal for those who arrive by airplane, but don’t want to deal with a cold, damp tent. Moreover, EFortless Camping offers amenities like air conditioning showers and restrooms. Guests will be able to check in early on Wednesday morning and make the most of the festival.

RV enthusiasts can reserve a spot in the GA Campgrounds with an RV. The “GA RV” Camping option offers space for RVs, but the RV sites are limited. You can’t reserve a space for a large RV. If you’re looking for a space for your companion vehicle, you can also reserve a space at the Good Life VIP Village. These campsites also feature a private air-conditioned restroom and shower, making them ideal for families with kids.

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